Having an attorney is almost worthless if you can't reach them when you need them. We make it a mission to be accessible to you and use technology to help our clients. 


​​We guarantee effective and assertive representation. Our history of successful litigation speaks volumes. Please review our client testimonials. 

When experience matters.


We provide the representation ​you deserve.

We are dedicated to taking care of our clients and doing everything we can to meet their legal needs. We offer high-quality legal work and personal client service. We are committed to providing you with top notch legal support and helping you navigate the family law situation. We handle family law cases in Williamson County, Texas.

We approach every case with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and communication. We are committed to protecting your rights!

Mission Statement
We are in business to serve others; we know that as we serve we succeed. We recognize the truth that our ability to serve is our reason for being in business. We strive to widen and improve our capacity to serve.  God is the silent partner in this business. We acknowledge God’s wisdom and God’s power. We do all that we can to conduct this business along lines God approves. The guiding principles behind every decision we make, every transaction, every plan for the future, are the principles of love and service taught by Jesus Christ.
In consciously using Christian principles, we accept God’s guidance and claim God’s promise to prosper those who serve Him.
This business is dedicated to honest service in the name of Jesus Christ. We are about our Father’s business.

As one of only a few board certified family law attorneys in Williamson County, I promise to provide you with good customer service, assertive advocacy, and advice you can trust.​